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          For many years growing up I would go to visit my grandmother who had suffered with lymphoma - a cancer that attacked the bone marrow in her body. Being a health educator in her earlier years, the most important thing she wanted to instill in me was to never take my health for granted. Because of her, I feel that my purpose in life now is to help guide people through their cancer with therapeutic massage therapy. With my dedication for helping others, my extensive oncology training, and my passion of treating the body as a whole, I can provide soft tissue work that will be suited for your care.

Providing massage therapy safely and effectively for clients with cancer

Why it is important to be oncology trained when working on someone who has been diagnosed?

Being trained in Oncology Massage is important because it allows for the massage to be safe and most effective. A trained therapist knows what questions to ask, and communication goes hand and hand with Oncology Massage. This communication helps the client feel that they are in good hands, and the massage therapist feel confident in what he or she is doing.

Office visits for Oncology Massage are done in the Wilmington location and also in the Harvard location at the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden.

Click Here to view the Healing Garden website.

Click Here to watch the Healing Garden video.

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