Welcome to Hatfield's Healing Hands!

Hatfield’s healing hands provides affordable massage therapy that is a customized holistic blend of pain relief, stress management, and knowledge to create peace and balance.

Why chose us? We strive to provide quality care that is individualized for each client. Each session is one step in the ladder to achieving your goals. Every client matters, every session matters. 

Please call 603-321-4518 when you arrive to the parking lot of the office and remain in your car until I come outside.  Your temperature will be taken outside the office prior to each session and you will be given a COVID-19 waiver form to read and sign.  Also, please fill out a up-to-date health intake form prior to arrival. You can find these forms here online. Please print and bring to your session. Upon entry a mask is required to enter the office, unless you have provided medical documentation of otherwise.

Intake Forms

How to Prepare

For information on how to prepare for a massage, Click Here