All cancellations require at least 24-hour notice.

If this is your first time booking with Hatfield's Healing Hands, please refer to the NEW CLIENT page first.

Booking Online

Choose a time slot on this page to book an appointment for yourself. Please note that after you book a session online it will need to be approved by the therapist. This typically will happen within a few hours.

Intake Forms

Before arriving at your appointment, it is encouraged to print off and fill out the proper intake forms and cancellation policy. If you are unable to complete these, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill them out in the office. Having your health intake form on file is the best way to provide your massage safely and accordingly.

*Please note that if you have any health conditions or allergies it is important to make your therapist aware before your first visit. If you need any type of accommodations please provide that information prior to the appointment. If there are any type of contraindications noted, I do reserve the right to reschedule, refer out, or cancel the appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Hatfield's Healing Hands is very accommodating and understands that sometimes appointments need to be changed. Respectfully, it is required for all cancellations to give a minimum 24-hour notice. Failure to do so will result in a charge for the full amount of the cancelled session. If you do need to cancel please do so through phone call and if you are unable to reach someone please leave a voicemail. Email, social media or text are not a valid way to cancel any appointments. 


  • If someone in your family has died, you are currently hospitalized, family emergencies, and medical emergencies.

  • If the roads are hazardous due to weather conditions, Hatfield's Healing Hands will notify and reschedule clients the day prior to assure safety for all.

  • If you are sick please call as soon as possible to reschedule to avoid worsening symptoms and spreading germs.

Repeat offenders:

If a client cancels repetitively and does more than one no-show they will be notified that they will be unable to book future appointments.